About Us

  • Using the mobile device growth trend as a major tipping point, TransferBridge will transform the remittance markets as Amazon did in the bookstore space as a result of the growth of the internet, and did for CRM as a result of acceptance and growth of cloud-based subscription models.
    Peter CookCEO,TransferBridge

About Us

TransferBridge Network
Our global Network is operational and interconnecting emerging payments platforms, remittance suppliers, financial institutions, retailers, utilities and telecommunication operators for international transfer of various remittances, mobile recharge credits and other digital transactions, currently in over 130 countries.

TransferBridge Cloud Service
Offering modular solutions to retailers, financial institutions etc. access to the global remittance market without the need for (own) infrastructure.

TransferBridge, is a fully self contained subsidiary of the Novatti Group and as a result, we were able to take advantage of existing technology to roll-out our service quickly and efficiently by deploying the Novatti Financial Payments platform and accessing associated expertise.