Service Providers / Retailers

For Service Providers / Retailers

You may be a Money Transfer Office, Airtime Top-Up Aggregator, Bank, Financial Institution, Retailer or a Digital Wallet Company offering a variety of ‘Useful Remittances’ products to your clients including transfers and/or recharges/top-ups of international airtime, pre-paid utilities eg. gas, water and electricity, cash and more to customers seeking to send a remittance to a beneficiary in another country.

If you are looking for a more efficient means of accessing and providing a larger range of services to more clients, then contact us now to see how TransferBridge can help.


TransferBridge will transform your remittance transactions business via our centralised network providing you with:
– access to an international network of over 370 suppliers’ products of airtime transfers/recharges, across more than 130 countries, with only one agreement, unified reporting, cheapest wholesale rates, small monthly fees and a whole lot more!

Trusted Proxy

Single collaboration point for telecommunication and financial organizations

Generate new income stream off fees from new services and customers

Generate new income stream off Forex commission from international remittance

Multiple cash out channels such as banks, mobile wallet, agents, retail outlets etc.

Service available round the clock

Proliferate financial service capability in unbanked and under-banked nations

Draw new customer base

Unified Reporting and Seamless Settlements