Wholesalers / Aggregators

For Suppliers / Aggregators

The Supplier can be defined as a wholesaler, Mobile Network Operator, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or a local aggregator of recharge or transfer airtime, pre-paid payments services for utilities.

If you are seeking greater global reach for your products, by connecting to the TransferBridge network you will open up a new sales channel and obtain greater transactional volumes. Contact us to see how we can help.



By partnering with TransferBridge, we become your new sales channel to market with:
– An international sales team who actively seek and sign up new customers
– Access to increased customer base and volume without the hassles of technical integrations, contracts and administration and a whole lot more

Trusted Proxy

Single collaboration point for telecommunication and financial organizations

Generate new income stream off fees from new services and customers

Generate new income stream off Forex commission from international remittance

Multiple cash out channels such as banks, mobile wallet, agents, retail outlets etc.

Service available round the clock

Proliferate financial service capability in unbanked and under-banked nations

Draw new customer base

Unified Reporting and Seamless Settlements