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What is a Remittance? – The Basics

What is a Remittance? If we were to look at the dictionary definition of the word ‘remittance’, it refers to money that is sent as payment or as a gift. The act of paying for the purchase you are making is the remittance. There are a number of other words that are often used interchangeably with the term ‘remittance.’ These include: remuneration, compensation, consideration, recompense and payment. You’ve probably heard any number of these words more frequently than you’ve heard […]

Mobile and Online Payments, Wallets, Money, Banking – differences? – The Basics

What Are the Differences Between Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallet and Mobile Banking? Mobile marketing and commerce is becoming the most important avenue to market to and transact with your customers in the modern world. This type of marketing involves the use of any mobile device, predominantly smartphones and tablets, to complete various types of transactions. These can include mobile payments, mobile banking, mobile money and much more. Each allows you to use your mobile device in the way that you […]

Mobile Money Security – The Basics

Mobile Money Security With the increased prevalence of mobile money, new issues have begun to arise – one of the biggest, how safe these methods of payment really are. You no longer need to use cash or even a physical credit card to make payments, but is that actually making the entire process easier or more complicated and less secure? It’s difficult to say. In some instances many providers of these payment methods have begun working to enhance security and […]